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Statutory and Voluntary Audit of Financial Statements and Consolitated Financial Statements

Accounting Organization of private or public bodies and companies

Technical assistance, monitoring, reporting, auditing and certification of expenditures related to activities financed by national or EU funds

Certification of Community project costs

About Us

ACG Auditing & Consulting Group S.r.l. was founded in July 1998 by audit experts.

It is registered in the Register of Auditors (registration n°. 137697) according to the Italian Legislative Decree N° 39/2010 by Decree of the Ministry of Justice of 31/10/2005 published in the Official Journal Supplement of the Italian Republic no. 82 of 14/10/2015

Its offices and branches are located in Rome, Terni, Florence, Turin, Milan and Trento.

The company has a portfolio of about 200 clients in public bodies sector distributed throughout the national territory.

The company has obtained the Quality Certification UNI ISO 9001 2015 for the following activities: “Auditing, certification of financial statements and expenditures, accounting management of public bodies and companies governed by public and private law”.

The numerous services provided to public bodies are a guarantee of our competence
and reliability.


ACG operates in compliance with the relevant professional standards and in accordance with the procedures validated and set up by our Internal Quality System The quality of our services is always ensured by:
- a careful analysis of our clients’ needs
- a customized action-planning
- planned human resources training
- a network of experts throughout the national territory
- a multidisciplinary approach
- special attention to privacy in service implementation

Core Business

Statutory and Voluntary Audit of Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements

We carry out audits of financial statements and consolidated financial statements as set out in the Italian Legislative Decree N°39/2010 implementing the European Community Directive on audits of annual accounts; consulting and assistance on the drawing up of companies’ and holdings’ financial statements. We also offer accounting due diligence in extraordinary transactions.

Verification and certification of expenditures of EU projects

We provide first and second Level Audits of the expenditures of Projects financed by the European Union (VII Framework Program, Horizon 2020, EuropeAid, Erasmus +, Life, etc.) sustained by private and public Beneficiaries (Local Authorities, Central Administrations, Non-Governmental Public Bodies such as Park Entities, Universities, Chambers of Commerce, etc.) and/or on behalf of Management Authorities.

Accounting organization of private or public bodies and companies

We provide accounting management services and useful recommendations for smooth accounting processes; assistance to companies on their business organizations, planning, programming and control management; advice on tax and labor issues on private and public matters.

Technical assistance, monitoring, reporting, auditing and certification of expenditures related to activities financed by national or EU funds, such as:

The ESF (European Social Fund), the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), ETC Programmes (European Territorial Cooperation), programmes directly managed by the European Commission, the CAP (Cohesion Action Plan), the National Fund for Continuing Education managed by Joint Interprofessional Funds.


Our team is composed of experts with long-term experience in national and international settings, and in the following sectors:

Administrative process management for public and private bodies | Support to system management and control within national and EU programmes | Human Resources management service | Support to court-appointed experts and expert witnesses in judicial proceedings

Our business organization is composed by the following areas:



Ministry of Foreign Affairs | General Directorate for Development and Cooperation | Ministry of the Environment | The Civil Defence Department of the Private Minister’s Office | Youth and Children’s  Right Authority


ENIT National Agency for Tourism | SOGESID Spa | ISMEA Institute of Service for the Agro-Alimentary Markets | ISTAT National Institute of Statistics | ISPRA | ENEA | AIFA Drug Italian Agency | Sviluppumbria Spa | LAZIODISU | Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato (National Railway Company) | AGENAS | CCIAA Chamber of Commerce of Venice | CCIAA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF VERONA | CCIAA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF TREVISO | Numerous Universities and Research Centers


Autonomous Region of Sardinia | Sicilian Region | Tuscany Region | Marche Region | Campania Region | Lazio Region | Lombardia Region | Umbria Region | Veneto Region | Friuli Venezia Giulia Region | Puglia Region | Abruzzo Region | Autonomous Region of Trento | Province of Florence | Province of Macerata | Province of Perugia | Province of Treviso | Province of Pesaro Urbino | Province of Terni | Province of Siena
Work whit us

The growth and improvement of our Company is based on the quality of our staff. In order to ensure this development we are constantly looking for young graduands, undergraduates or graduates in Economic Fields/Disciplines who are willing to undertake a professional career in Auditing.
If you are interested please submit your CV (in pdf or word format) to the e-mail address:

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